Avery Runner

Avery Runner, hailing from Colorado USA, is a DJ, Studio Producer and Creatrix of sacred space – Sharing worldly psychedelic trance & chill out music.

Music has been an integral part of his life from a very early age, learning to play drums at the age of 3 with wooden flute and trumpet soon thereafter. He has a keen ear for Indigenous music which began with Grandfather Doncaster’s extensive record collection which included anthropological recordings of Hawaiian natives among other gems.

Early musical interests from the 1980’s included obscure 12″ remixes of alternative music such as Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Bauhaus and beyond but in the early 1990’s, while studying for a BA in Visual Arts, his interests shifted from Industrial to Acid House and from Alternative Rock to Ambient Dub, Minimal Techno and Goa Trance.

A music career began in 1988 while attending High School, playing at the local college radio station and the Annex Industrial Dance Club, while throwing underground parties in abandoned buildings and a few years later he hosted a deep exploration of San Francisco’s electronic scene which helped shape awareness of things to come.

In 1995 under the alias E.L.F Arrow with VJ partner’s Jim Pixylight and Doug Archetype he formed the collective, Space Dub Vibrations and within a few years they were performing AV sets, under the moniker MerKaBallah, at numerous festivals around Colorado, including the annual Solstice Chakra Festivals which dawned the early trance parties in the Central USA region. The psy driven AV team scheduled a world tour in 2001, traveling to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Chicago, Calgary, Seattle and various local venues. That same year Germany’s Zwie TV broadcasted AV mixes of Pixylight and E.L.F Arrow, bringing much attention to the emerging team, however shortly thereafter, family commitments shifted the crew priorities and they chose to disband.

2005 was a ground breaking year for Avery with the formation of the Signal Arts Foundation project, a visionary arts gallery and music studio retreat center he began building, located at Mineral Hot Springs Colorado.

2008 dawned a new collaboration with well-respected event producer Kalisama of Crestonia and together they formed Native Circuit, producing world class festivals in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado. For several years the team managed music for Laughing Buddha, a local dance bar, while hosting large annual gatherings that appealed to a wide audience across the USA. Mainly focused on psytrance, chillout and visionary arts, Native Circuit is now well received for coordinating shared respect in this emerging community.

In 2013, following 8 years of development, Signal Arts Foundation now hosts a quality electronic music production studio. Running autonomously with off-grid solar power, the studio is focused on psychedelic music recordings. Pulse Drift (Avery Runner solo project) is an emerging sound engineering matrix hosted therein.

Over the years, Avery has played alongside dozens of international producers including the likes of Cosmosis, Flooting Grooves, Androcell, Psykovsky, Earthling, Anunaki, Medicine Drum, Kalya Scintilla, Yab Yum, Tron, Dickster, Trip Switch, Gaudi, Desert Dwellers, Ace Ventura and many more and killer experiences have been shared at Burning Man, Gaian Mind, Tribal Gathering, AVIT, Envision Fest, Archipelago, MoonTribe, Motion Notion and endless underground events. These influences have shaped Avery’s focus and dedication to serving the global trance movement.

Avery cites his influences as including Cosmosis, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Loud, 3rd Ear Audio, Gaiana, Kalya Scintilla, Dickster, Gaudi, Sensient, Der Waldlaufer, Via Axis, Shpongle, Ital, Ishq and countless others.

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