Dillan M

Cape Town born, Dillan M’s career spans 15 years. A stalwart from the Free-Spirit Records stable Dillan M has gained a reputation for his no-nonsense, new fashioned, hi-energy psychedelic dj sets, which have established him as a fan favourite from London to SA, Miami to Germany and beyond. He has played alongside the scenes hottest djs & producers and his ability to select music that rocks dancefloors everytime never fails.

As well as DJing, Dillan M is part of O.C.D. with long time friend and producer Octoclutch, and already has numerous releases on Timecode, Free-Spirit Rec, Flying Spores rec and the hugely successful Free-Spirit Vol 8 compilation “Dividualism”. Dillan’s resume also includes two no.1 radio shows: World Dance FM UK (Tribal Tabz) and Mutha FM SA (“The Psy-Effect”)


Android Spirit Feat Dillan M April 1969 (Timecode)
O.C.D. vs Static Flow – Rhythm on a Clock (Flying Spores)
Journey – Ghost Radio (O.C.D. rmx) (Free-Spirit Records)
Free-Spirit Rec vol 8 – “Dividualism” Compiled by Dillan M (Free-Spirit Records)

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