Flow Theory

You’re on the dance floor, not thinking, just dancing; everything has come together in one pure moment of coordination and connectivity. The sense of time becomes distorted. Time flies. Science calls this ‘being in a state of flow’. It’s Flow Theory.

Flow Theory’s alter-ego, Ashley Zadel, began playing out in Cape Town, South Africa – a hotbed of psychedelic trance. Travels took him abroad, to the concrete jungles of the UK: sharp new minimalist impulses began to colour his work, and his mind expanded like a universe. Flow Theory sprung into the world, like he was just waiting to happen.

Flow Theory played as a resident at the crazy Babies Parties – outdoor themed events held during London summer. He played gigs at London clubs including Area, Light Box, Dex, and the Friendz Boat Parties on the River Thames.

As his daytime alter-ego, Ashley’s quest to provide epic dance experiences led him to produce events in the UK. In association with A.T.A.R.I Project and Synthezion Rec he has been involved with the production of regular boutique parties, and several large one-off gigs including the massive Crystal Experience in London, where he played alongside scions Scorb, Avalon, Rastaliens and Ace Ventura.

This past New Year, Flow Theory had the pleasure of playing in the midst of the silk-soft sand and hot sun of Brazil’s infamous Universo Paralello festival. He premiered a seamless set on the 303 Stage, which has so far gathered over two thousand eager ears on SoundCloud.

More recently, Flow Theory has blown minds wide open at festivals and club gigs up and down the east coast of Australia. As of October, 2012, Flow Theory has joined forces with the amazing international crew of Free-Spirit Records as label DJ and Aussie representative: he’s looking forward to debuting fresh beats to warm hearts this southern summer.

All these experiences have led to Flow Theory’s sound: a crisp fusion of minimalist and rhythmic progressive styles. The name is more than just a handle, it’s a way to explain a concept of being – aiming for and experiencing flow, enhanced by sound, texture, and environment.

You’ll know his work when you find yourself on a dance floor, your whole being involved and your senses fully engaged. Time flies…

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