Hypnocoustics is a Psychedelic Trance project between Joe Studt and Benjamin Wood, two producers from London. Over the last two years, Hypnocoustics have been developing a deep and immersive morning sound packed with hypnotic soundscapes, mesmeric textures, driving percussion and intricate musical arrangements. Performing using a combination of synth work, Ableton performance and sample manipulation, the Hypnocoustics live act is being regularly developed and road tested at some of the best parties on the circuit.

To date, Hypnocoustics have shared line-ups and stages with artists including Man with No Name, Tristan, Liquid Ross, Mr Peculiar, Andromeda, Vibrasphere, Silicon Sound, Tron, Flooting Grooves and many others; as well as rocking dancefloors in the UK, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland and France.

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