OCD is a collaborative full on project between Dillan M and Octoclutch

Recently formed duo OCD are  Dillan M and long time friend Alan Gross (Octoclutch) both from the motherland South Africa. Both now based in London town, feeding at the bosom of psychedelic trance, OCD are blasting upwards.
Already with releases on labels Free-Spirit Records, Antu Records and Flying Spores Records, it was only a matter of time before they hit the stages of world taking their enthusiastic, infectious and upbeat sound to the masses.
There is a certain sunniness to the OCD interpretation of psychedelic trance, and considering their birthplace its probably not surprising, and whilst it is also complex and intelligent it is the lightness of mood that is generated that directly characterises who they are at the moment, relaxed, unforced positivity emanating from their wonderful diversity. A meeting of like minds therefore as OCD take to the podium for years to come…
Journey – Ghost Radio (OCD RMX) – (Free-Spirit Records)
OCD v Static Flow – Rhythm on a Clock – (Antu Records)

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