stereOMantra :: Projections

Release date: 07-Jul-2014

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Catalog #: FSR0052DA

Track Listing:

1] Purity – stereOMantra 7:45 / 100 BPM
2] Dharma – stereOMantra 7:05 / 107 BPM
3] Infinity – stereOMantra 7:30 / 100 BPM
4] Neverland – stereOMantra 7:04 / 105 BPM
5] Phenomena – stereOMantra 8:12 / 110 BPM
6] Projections – stereOMantra 7:50 / 110 BPM
7] Miracle – stereOMantra 7:00 / 115 BPM

Genre: Downtempo

It sure has been a bumper few weeks for Free-Spirit Records (FS-R) fans with releases from across their spectrum of artists – a compilation album called Rewakening Vol. 4 featuring the progressive psy talents of the FSR stable and a psychedelic EP by Twelve Sessions aptly named Tropical Storm -plus another instance of the London club night promoted by label boss Jay OM, Tribal Village A Psychedelic Adventure; the fluffiest tribal music event in the capital. Next cab off the rank is a progressive psy chillout album from StereOMantra, Projections, proving once again that there are no boundaries in the universe that Free-Spirit exists.
StereOMantra is a music composer from Budapest, Hungary whose background is the classical piano which he forgave once he began exploring electronic music, subsequently finding that psychedelic trance was where art met science. And from there it was the sub-genre of chillout SterOMantra found the most suitable form for the expressing a wide range of emotions and deep feelings that he was seeking to do.
Now let’s get it out there, Projections is a simply beautiful piece of work. At fifty-two minutes in length it is an album that grabs attention from beginning to end. Nominally consisting of seven tracks the differentiation between each is irrelevant as it is all about the voyage. It is down-tempo, as you’d expect, but it is the heightened emotion, best described as a notch below exhilaration, that is held throughout that makes it such a standout. The listener slowly eased to this point but once there held for the duration through layers of atmospherics transposed over a deep synth that explores the soundscape and acts as torch light guiding the listener through the experience.
So whilst SterOMantra is quick to acknowledge his inspirations it is fair to say he is now contributing as a more-than-worthy member of the chillout community. And once again Free-Spirit Records is proving to be, through its banding together of like-minded but infinitely diverse souls for the goal of communal enhancement, a beacon to which fine artists and producers from across the planet are now flocking to.

Mastered by Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM @Killah Mastering Studios, London N22
Worldwide distribution by

Arabesque Distribution, London, UK
Tel:  + 44 (0) 20 8992 0098

INgrooves Music Group

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