Liftshift :: Vision Heir

Release date: 14-Jul-2014

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Catalog #: FSR0053EP

Track Listing:

1] Ethnic Proportions – Liftshift 7:57 / 140 BPM
2] Vision Heir – Liftshift 6:58 / 140 BPM

Genre: Psychedelic Trance – Progressive

Liftshift springs forth dumping into our consciousness a brand new release, Vision Heir, which is as demanding of attention as an ice cream store is on a hot summer’s day and once you have indulged in it, as with that ice cream, it will be forever etched in your memory. Busting out all over the place Liftshift is a regular feature on the psy-trance party and festival circuit and as a producer can be found across all manner of labels and compilations. This new two-track EP released by everybody’s favourite London all-things-psychedelic, Free-Spirit Records, who’s own discography grows by the week and satisfies all comers to the genre. Track one is called Ethnic Proportions, the name of the track unveiling somewhat the tribal atmosphere bound to be unleashed upon the listener. Liftshift is of the progressive psychedelic persuasion where often not a lot goes on but that cannot be said of this piece, with an ethereal base there is definitely an atmosphere of exultation throughout and through the track’s progression so does that mood further soar, first teasingly before going all out taking the listener to the boundaries of the universe where interaction with other life forms is now a real possibility. By dropping in some percussion serves merely to reinforce the celebratory nature of what has been achieved and if you don’t have head and hands in the heavens on completion it must only be because you have none. Track two, Vision Heir, is a tad more grounded so that the greater response is to go a stomping, visions of dust clouds being raised as a result are not too hard to conjure. Once it has been confirmed that this is the correct response it is time to go no nonsense but before you get too carried away with this pre-occupation it is worthwhile acknowledging the room that has still been provided to allow interactions between beings of shared desires as a lightness of spirit maintains to pervade in the inherent organic earthliness of the raw componentry. Come up for air and everything has now changed. These two tracks bound to be popping up in DJ sets across the psy-planet and break down dance floors in equal measure. Now, did someone mention ice cream?

Mastered by Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM @Killah Mastering Studios, London N22
Worldwide distribution by

Arabesque Distribution, London, UK
Tel:  + 44 (0) 20 8992 0098

INgrooves Music Group

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