Omsphere – K’ag Bak’tun Remixes – Omsphere & Imry :: A World Without End EP

Release date: 24-Apr-2015

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Catalog #: FSR0060EP

Track Listing:

1] Omsphere – A World Without End – Original Mix
2] Omsphere – A World Without End – Imry

Genre: Psychedelic Progressive Trance

Thought from Australia…by DMG

Great albums linger, their reputations enhanced over time as they solidify in our consciousness. K’ag Bak’tun released in 2014 is one such album. A product of progressive trance producer Omsphere having previously mastered his format now confidently exploring the ancient Mayan culture and its philosophies then re-interpreting those constituent elements into a format for consumption by devotees of the style he represents. Bringing clearly into focus emotions and beliefs to which listeners can identify and apply to their own beings thus adding another layer of knowledge through which to interpret the world. In doing so fitting the definition of an artist and his work the role art plays in society. And as is the custom in the world of electronica, albums such as K’ag Bak’tun are celebrated by means of remixes and here now we have Imry stepping up to such an altar taking on the tune A World Without End and making it his own. The original managed to mould sounds that are equal part pre-historic and post-apocalyptic, the remix has Imry reconstituting these base products, messing with their arrangement and in doing so expanding the soundscape so that result is a swollen, throbbing and bristling piece with a new intent interwoven into the fabric of the original. Listen a few times and you soon forget its origin for it now has its own purpose, functioning as a piece of art in its own right.

Mastered by Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM
Killah Mastering Studios, London N22

Worldwide distribution by
INgrooves, San Franciso, CA
Tel: +1 415 489 7000

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