Reawakening Vol 3

Release date: 10-Feb-2014

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Catalog #: FSR0049LP

Track Listing:

1] Strings Theory – Techyon 8:38 / 137 BPM
2] Melao – Twenty Eight 7:14 / 144 BPM
3] It’s Wrong – Monastic Squid 8:00 / 143 BPM
4] I’m High – Hypnocoustics 8:41 / 143 BPM
5] 8 Hours of Madness – Braincell 7:30 / 143 BPM
6] Strong Rain – Ital 7:43 / 145 BPM
7] Twelve Journeys – Journey, Twelve Sessions 8:20 / 142 BPM
8] Far Place – Mental Broadcast, Xspiral 7:40 / 144 BPM
9] Physical Reaction – Journey, Monastic Squid 6:41 / 143 BPM
10] Echoes from Outer Space – Holographic Brain 7:30 / 145 BPM

Genre: Psychedelic Trance/Progressive

Occasionally Free-Spirit Records likes to flaunt itself, not in a big hair and stilettos, chest-out screaming look at me kind of way, no their style is way more subtle than that. Instead, what they will do is quietly assemble a team of producers from within their ranks, compile a few tunes, probably get some guy from the back-blocks of Australia to write a few words about it, release it onto an unsuspecting public then sit back and watch it go kaboom. That sound being the OMG moment when Free-Spirit Records blasts back into the consciousness of psy-trance devotees with a compilation that fully captures the talents they have mustered from the across the globe and now wave under the one banner.
So it will happen again with the release of Reawakening Volume 3, a bringing together of the progressive entities found within Free-Spirit Records’ midst.
These gatherings are all firm favourites already, on the basis of their previous albums and EP releases on the label, and the ten tracks here provide a showcase for their individual skills and collective sensibilities.
Progressive & psy-trance’s defining traits are, in comparison to its stable-mates, its no-frills, no gimmicks attitude so that its often minimalist sound can appear simplistic. That accusation cannot be made here; Reawakening Volume 3 has variety and definition, complementing many purposes. Enabling Free-Spirit Records to walk proud, it has done it again; the spotlight is once more on them.

Worldwide distribution by

INgrooves, San Francisco, CA

Tel: +1 415 489 7000

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