Reawakening Vol. 4 compiled by Imry

Release date: 21-Apr-2014

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Catalog #: FSR0050LP

Track Listing:

1] Dustech – Techyon, Dusters 8:10 / 135 BPM
2] Shivaia – The First Stone 8:25 / 142 BPM
3] Parallel – M-Theory 7:04 / 144 BPM
4] Blank – (Monastic Squid Remix) – Rinkadink, Green Reefah 7:13 / 144 BPM
5] Change – Journey 7:49 / 143 BPM
6] Open Your Mind – Shalys 8:33 / 145 BPM
7] Magic Visions – Braincell 8:01 / 145 BPM
8] Self Awareness – Twelve Sessions 6:38 / 138 BPM
9] Buttoned Down – Hypnocoustics 9:01 / 140 BPM
10] Tribe Scenario – Land Switcher 9:23 / 150 BPM

Genre: Psychedelic Trance – Progressive – Downtempo

A bit of background, Free-Spirit Records (FSR) are all things psy-trance and its associated variations. Based in London they are a beacon to which like-minded souls from around the world flock, sharing their wares, providing a platform for the production and promotion of music for the communal enhancement of all; the sum being greater than the component parts. Taking this ethos into the cosmos for just under ten years FSR’s reputation extends across all reaches through an extensive roster of DJs and live acts and a discography composed of artist albums, EPs, one-off releases, remixes, collaborations and compilations.
IMRY is a substantial member of the Free-Spirit collective and for Reawakening Vol. 4 he has been tasked with focusing the progressive psy-trance elements, sorting and arranging them into a compilation fully that fully reflects their combined talents and while there are a multitude of components that make up a killer album IMRY has pretty much nailed them all. The subtle intro tracks, by Techyon and The First Stone, providing the barest hints of what is to come, building tension via soothing mechanisms so that by track three the desire to burst through has just about been reached. And that is exactly what M-Theory does, with a tune bristling at the seams with dark broody energy. Following on, Rinkadink & Green ReeFah strip back the darker features focusing on building the dynamism which by track’s end is compelling. The kaboom, OMG this is freakin’ awesome moment comes from Journey. His instantly recognisable sound built around crisp production and intelligent machinations remains but it is the head-down, no-nonsense that takes this album into its next dimension. But hang on, before getting too carried away with this vibe, in steps Shalys urging the listener to Open Your Mind, broken beats and a tempo change providing the mid-album weird out moment that is a must. But never fear Braincell rights the ship so the journey is again sailing on exalted emotions. Subsequent contributions from Twelve Sessions and Hypnocoustics ease the session by reducing the latent tension and allowing a sense of inner-peace and calm to pervade. The compulsory bonus track at Reawakening Vol. 4’s end is provided by Land Switcher and it sits proud reflecting on and bringing praise to this compilation’s previous achievements.

Excellent job IMRY!

Worldwide distribution by

Arabesque Distribution, London, UK
Tel:  + 44 (0) 20 8992 0098

INgrooves Music Group

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